A mobile application for your safety

Almaty police urged to use mobile application “102”, reports Polisia.kz.

As previously reported, “102” is an omnichannel application. It allows you to contact the police in any convenient format: using a text message with attached photos and videos, an audio and video call.

Geolocation allows you to determine the user’s location, accept a call, and provide assistance to him, even if the person himself cannot name the address. The “SOS” button suggests the immediate departure of the patrol based on the geolocation of the signal.

It is also important that the work of the application is transparent: the applicant is sent notifications about the measures taken on his application. Now photos and videos of the incident can be sent directly to the police.

With the help of the application, citizens will be able to send messages about traffic violations, accidents, family scandals, cases of cruelty to animals, etc. video messages.

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