Where to download and how to install VPN apps for iPhone

VPN or Virtual Private Network – a virtual private network for safe use of the World Wide Web. It helps to hide your IP ID from other services. Usually, a VPN assigns a user an IP from another country. For example, in truth you are in Kiev, but on the Internet it will seem that you are drinking coffee in London.

Simply put, a VPN serves as a bridge to bypass blocked websites. They may be unavailable due to government or geographic reasons. In addition, with a VPN, you can feel protected when using dubious Wi-Fi networks and when working remotely. The service will protect against unnecessary tracking of actions from the outside.

Experts advise not to mindlessly jump on every application with a VPN label. Especially, in the conditions of wartime in Ukraine. You should carefully study the details about the program before downloading. In particular, you should be interested in the type of encryption. It is best if it is AES-256. The security protocol is also important. We are talking about OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2 or WireGuard. It should be noted that there are paid and free VPN software. Paid is more reliable.

Where to download VPN for iPhone from Apple

Apple Corporation has created a mobile app store called the App Store for its products. This is where you can search and download any application, not just VPN.

Download process step by step:

  • Open the App Store.
  • All presented applications are sorted by category. For example, you might see Today, Games, or Apps.
  • Click on the “Search” section. This will significantly save your time.
  • Enter VPN in the appeared line.
  • Select the required application, click on the price to buy or the “Get” button.

The “Get” button signals that the program is free. But some of these apps have the option of in-app purchases or subscriptions. They open access to additional possibilities.

In case you install a child’s VPN and don’t see the App Store, turn off parental controls. Adjust your App Store purchase options and check that “Allow” appears next to “Installing apps.” After all this, the App Store should reappear on the gadget.

Programs not via the App Store are also easily downloaded: an ipa file is downloaded from the Internet. You can download it using Safari or transfer it to your phone via AirDrop. If the Share menu is available. Then the program opens in AltStore. We agree to the installation and wait for a short period of time.

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